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Modern Fashion Illustration: Simple Techniques for Stylish Drawings - H. Nichols

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Modern Fashion Illustration: Simple Techniques for Stylish Drawings by Holly Nichols

Beloved fashion artist Holly Nichols walks you through the best techniques for creating breath taking fashion illustrations and shares simple tips for successfully promoting your brand on social media. The Step-By-Step Guide to Becoming the Next Big Fashion Illustrator.

You’ve got a knack for designing, now what? With the help of successful fashion artist Holly Nichols, you’ll learn how to take your passion to a new level. Elevate your designs with guides for drawing figures of all sizes, tools for digital creation and lessons on how to market your art to the right audiences on social media.

With this guide, you’ll learn:

  • How to Draw Proportions
  • How to Draw Couture and Casual Outfits
  • How to Illustrate Hair
  • How to Master Colouring Techniques
  • How to Build a Background
  • How to Create a Narrative
  • How to Use Social Media
  • How to Use Procreate

With Holly’s advice and expert tips, it’s easier than ever to turn your dream of being a fashion illustrator into a reality.