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Marabu Porcelain and Glass Starter Set 6 x 15ml MATT

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Matt, water-based porcelain and glass paint set for painting on porcelain, glass, acrylic, etc. The paint disperses very well and offers brilliant and intense colours, which mix well together. Touch-dry after 30 minutes and dishwasher-safe after a drying time of 3 days at a maximum 50°C.

100% Vegan, dishwasher-safe without curing (max.50°C), water-based, lightfast.

Contents: 6 x 15ml Marabu Porcelain & Glass Matt (colours: sunshine yellow, rose pink, raspberry, gentian, white, black) 1 x synthetic hair brush Marabu Universal flat no.8

Do not paint drinking rims or the inside of the mugs.