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Maped Creativ Early Age - My First Stamps Kit

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Let your child make their mark with this Maped Creativ My First Stamps Kit!  A unique activity kit to introduce little ones to stamp crafts. Decorate animal cards with the patterned stamps. 

This activity kit is designed to nurture toddlers' creativity with two easy-to-hold stamps that will ensure that they have no difficultly creating adorable artworks. The kit also includes four cute animal templates to help spark their imaginations, and one ink pad. The kit is designed with rounded edges and non-toxic materials to ensure it is safe for children aged 2 and up to explore their creativity.

The My First Stamps Kit provides a space for your child to develop and enhance their hand-eye coordination in a unique, playful, and creative way. This is a great gift for young children with hours of creative fun.

Contents include: 4 cute animal templates, 2 stamps (2 random patterns included from an assortment of 6 possible patterns including penguin, snowflake, bird, cloud, fish or raindrop) and 1 blue ink pad.

Suitable for ages 2+.