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Maped Creativ Imagin' Style Magical Plastic Kit

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Let your child bring their creativity to life with this Maped Creativ Imagin' Style Magical Plastic Kit! Create trendy accessories and come up with your own style.

With the Imagin' Style Magical Plastic Kit, children can turn their artwork into unique and colourful accessories. Colour the designs using the 12 Maped Strong Mini Pencils and then apply heat using an oven or hairdryer and watch as the magic plastic shrinks to become solid and shiny. Great for letting kids make their own jewellery!

Children will be able to not only express their creativity and create fashionable accessories, but they will also fine tune their hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills!

This kit includes everything needed to make trendy accessories! Contains 19 magic plastic sheets, accessories for making jewellery (necklaces, bracelet, key rings etc), and 12 Maped Strong Mini Pencils.

Suitable for ages 6+.