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Maped Creativ Fabulous Factory - Build Your Own Unicorn Kit

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Let your child bring their creativity to life with this Maped Creativ Fabulous Factory Kit! Build, shape and play with your own magical unicorn figurine.

Kids can bring their own unicorn to life with this do-it-yourself figurine! The wooden puzzle frame easily pops out and slots together without the need for glue. The numbers printed on the frame act as a guide for the order in which to construct the unicorn, making it simple and fun for kids to build. 

Using the provided hardening dough, children can effortlessly customise the look of the unicorn's body to make it truly unique and personalised. Use the provided eyes to add the finishing touches and bring the majestic unicorn to life!

This kit allows kids to not only express their creativity and make their own unicorn figurine to play with, but it also helps children develop their dexterity, fine motor skills, and hand-eye coordination. This is a great set that all children are sure to love.

This kit includes everything you need to bring your unicorn to life! Contains a wooden 3D puzzle frame and 6 pots of brightly coloured light dough. Unicorn dimensions: 18.5cm width, 16.5cm height.

Suitable for ages 6+.