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How to Draw Puppies in Simple Steps - S. Hodge

How to Draw Puppies in Simple Steps by Susie Hodge

Choose your new best friend from this cuddly collection of 28 playful puppies.

Best-selling artist Susie Hodge teaches you to transform simple shapes into 28 cute and characterful puppies in a range of much-loved breeds, including beagles, goldendoodles, Frenchies, huskies and labradors.

There are 28 different doggies to draw, in a variety of playful poses. Each project starts with a few basic outlines and progresses into a finished tonal drawing, and a final coloured version shows you how to develop your drawing even further. Perfect for beginners, as well as budding artists, you’ll be amazed how easily you too can bring these playful pooches to life with this inspiring guide.