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SKU: HC150


House of Craft - Quilling Craft Kit

This ancient craft of quilling has been practised by many people over the centuries. The basic skills are easily mastered and delightful results can soon be achieved. This kit contains all the materials required to produce an attractive selection of quilling designs and finished work.

It features a variety of fun patterns to use as inspiration in your own work! This kit is perfect for creating personalised gifts for friends and family.

  • Quilling papers
  • Quilling Tool
  • Polystyrene Egg
  • Gift Box x 2
  • Picture Frame Blank x 2
  • Greeting Cards x 2
  • Gift Tags x 2
  • Bookmarks x 2
  • PVA Adhesive
  • Glue Stick
  • Instructions/Patterns (English/French/Italian)