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GOLDEN Fluid Acrylic Mixing Set 10 x 30ml

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Golden Fluid Acrylics are an extremely versatile paint, with vibrant, permanent, and lightfast pigments. This set contains ten 30ml bottles of paint that serve as a great resource for mixing a wide range of colours.

Mixing is easy with the intuitive split primary method. Warm and cool primary colours along with other key colours allow artists to mix an extensive range of colours. These paints are perfect for water media techniques, glazing, staining, brushwork and more.

Colours included:Benzimidazolone Yellow Light,Benzimidazolone Yellow Medium,Naphthol Red Light,Quinacridone Magenta,Phthalo Blue (Red Shade),Phthalo Blue (Green Shade),Phthalo Green (Blue Shade),Phthalo Green (Yellow Shade),Carbon Black,Titanium White

Fluid acrylics: creamy, levelling paints, high pigment load, ideal for pours and fine detail painting.

Use with Golden Fluid Matte Medium to decrease gloss without altering viscosity.