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SKU: FC267118


Faber-Castell Indian Ink Pitt Artist Pens - Hand Lettering Set of 9

A wallet of 6 Faber-Castell India Ink Pitt Pens with pigmented drawing ink. The inks feature high light resistance, are odour and acid-free, and are pH neutral. Thanks to their unique formula, there's no need to pump or shake to prepare them. These pens are ideal for creative hand lettering.


  • Brush nib black 199
  • Warm grey V 274
  • Warm grey III 272
  • Cold grey IV 233
  • Cold grey I 230
  • Fineliner S; 0.3 mm black 199
  • Fineliner 1.5 mm black 199                             
  • 1 metal sharpener
  • Castell 9000 B with eraser tip