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Faber-Castell Charcoal Sketch Set

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This Faber-Castell Charcoal Sketch Set is the perfect starter set for beginner and hobby artists, as well as being perfect for the professional artist who needs a travel set, or who simply needs to replenish their charcoal supply. 

The natural charcoal sticks are grease and oil-free, perfect for sketching, drawing, and shading. The compressed charcoal pencils leave an incredibly black line, perfect for fine details and linework. 


  • 2 Pitt Natural Charcoal Sticks (6 - 11 mm)
  • 1 Pitt charcoal Pencil Medium
  • 1 Pitt pressed Charcoal Pencil Soft
  • 1 Pitt Pastel Pencil White Medium
  • 1 Kneadable Eraser
  • 1 Paper Wiper