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Draw Manga - S. Leong

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Draw Manga by Sonia Leong

For beginners up, everything you need to know. Includes 28 teaching videos to view online.

This combined book and video-guide to drawing manga will allow artists of ANY ability to master this hugely popular drawing style. The 256 page book is packed with step-by-step tutorials on every aspect of manga drawing, basing the instructions around traditional sketching and colouring techniques, and including digital tools for rendering and finishing artwork.

The author is highly accomplished professional artist Sonia Leong, who is also creating 28 two-minute video demonstrations designed to link specifically to the content of this book. These video clips are hosted online, and accessed from the book’s pages using QR codes (or URLs), making this one of the most user-friendly manga tutor books on the market.

Readers will learn how to build up characters from basic shapes and measurements, get the anatomy and poses absolutely right, add crucial design elements to enhance drawings and stories, render artwork in different styles and mediums (including digital), and even start to create comic pages and sequences— for publication in print or online.

Product Information

  • 28 two -minute video demonstrations online which are linked to the content of the book
  • 256 pages of step-by-step tutorials on every aspect of manga, including digital tools for finishing and rendering work 
  • Authored by renowned manga artist and author, Sonia Leong, winner of the first Tokyopop Rising Stars of Manga (UK & Ireland) competition in 2005