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Dr. Ph. Martin's Radiant Concentrated Watercolour Ink - Set A

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Dr. Ph. Martin's Radiant Concentrated Water Colour is produced in an extremely concentrated form to achieve the greatest possible brilliance. Each liquid colour comes in an iconic 0.5 oz (15 ml) glass bottle package with its own eyedropper.

Dr. Ph. Martin's colours are primarily formulated for use in graphic arts work on paper surfaces intended for reproduction (e.g. cartooning, illustration, and other graphic arts), and are especially popular for airbrushing. Like all dye based colours, they are fugitive when exposed to direct sunlight over time. Set includes 14 different colours.

Set A Colours
  • 1A - Lemon Yellow
  • 2A - Orange
  • 3A - Persimmon
  • 4A - Alpine Rose
  • 5A - Scarlet
  • 6A - Cherry red
  • 7A - Moss Rose
  • 8A - Turquoise Blue
  • 9A - True Blue
  • 10A - Violet
  • 11A - Grass Green
  • 12A - Juniper Green
  • 13A - Saddle Brown
  • 14A - Black

Please Note: Not lightfast, not waterproof. The colours will fade from sunlight or fluorescent light (ultra-violet). Will not fade in a portfolio, or under incandescent light. Protect from fading with ultra-violet absorbing glass, plexiglass or UVA acetate.

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