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Derwent Specialist Artist Erasers Pack of 2

Discover the power of precision and creativity with our pack of two Derwent Specialist Erasers. This dynamic duo is carefully crafted to cater to the needs of both technical drawing and artistic sketching, making them essential companions for artists, students, and professionals alike.

Technique Soft Eraser: Perfect for Technical Drawing and Sketching. The eraser boasts a remarkable ability to lift charcoal and graphite particles off the paper with ease. Its precise design and soft texture make it an ideal choice for technical drawing, allowing you to erase fine lines, smudges, and unwanted marks with accuracy. Whether you are working on intricate architectural blueprints or detailed engineering diagrams, this eraser is your go-to tool for achieving clean and polished results.

Artist Hard Eraser: Empowering artistry and expressiveness. Specifically tailored for removing dense strokes of graphite and soft coloured pencils. Its hard texture allows you to erase with precision while maintaining the integrity of your artwork. Whether you're a skilled illustrator, a budding sketch artist, or simply enjoy creating vibrant drawings, this eraser will be your ally in achieving nuanced shading and dynamic contrast.

Features and benefits: 
  • High performance, non-abrasive erasing
  • Both have strong absorption quality
  • Non-toxic and latex Free