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Daler-Rowney Stay-Wet Palette

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For acrylic painting, the Daler-Rowney Stay-Wet Palette will keep acrylic paints moist and workable for weeks.  Its clear-lidded plastic tray contains three sheets of reservoir paper and 12 sheets of semi-permeable membrane paper. It's perfect for artists who want to keep their mixed palettes for an extended period of time.

Stay-Wet works by osmosis. Moisture evaporating from the surface is replaced by water from the dampened reservoir paper beneath the semi-permeable membrane which forms the working surface of the Stay-Wet Palette. The acrylic paint does not travel across the membrane, so it stays on the top of the membrane paper. 

For refills, see Daler-Rowney Stay Wet Palette Refills.

Available in large or small palette sizes:

  • Large palette: 20" x 11"
  • Small palette: 11" x 10"