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Winsor & Newton Cotman Deluxe Sketchers Pocket Box

Cotman Water Colours are high quality water colours aimed towards students and intermediate artists who require vibrant paint at an economic price. 

This set serves as a superb introductory set to painting with Cotman watercolour half pans featuring a wide spread of colours allowing for the mixing of an even wider pool of additional colour, hues, tints and shades.

Perfect for starters and students alike, a good set to take on the go as well and well suited perfectly use along side a small watercolour block or a watercolour sketchbook.


  • Pocket sized plastic box with integral palette
  • Thumb Ring
  • Putty Rubber-Pencil
  • 1 Pocket brush
  • 16 Half pans


Cadmium Yellow Pale Hue. Cadmium Yellow Hue.
Cadmium Red Pale Hue.  Cadmium Red Deep Hue.
Alizarin Crimson Hue. Purple Lake
Ultramarine Cobalt Blue Hue.
Turquoise Viridian Hue.
Sap Green Yellow Ochre
Burnt Sienna Burnt Umber
Payne's Grey Chinese White