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Winsor & Newton Cotman 45 Half Pan Studio Set Watercolours

The Cotman Studio Set offers the broadest range of colours of any Cotman set available, containing every colour in the range and doubles of the most popular ones too. Perfect for use at home, studio or along side a field easel when painting outdoors.

The set itself features a removable lid and palette for colour mixing and ease of cleaning as well as space for a Winsor & Newton Watercolour brush to be stored inside.

The colours included are 1 each of every Cotman half pan including 2 each of the following colours; 003 Alizarin Crimson, 099 Ultramarine, 744 Yellow Ochre, 331 Ivory Black, 150 Chinese White.

This set makes for an excellent gift for a watercolour artist you might know and is an invaluable addition to the tool box of a student of art as well.