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COPIC Ciao Marker Set of 36 Colours Set E

COPIC Ciao Marker Set of 36 Colours Set E

COPIC Ciao is a great inexpensive marker for beginners, pupils, students and hobby artists. They're ideal for a wide range of colouring projects, ranging from comics and manga to promotional illustration to fine art.

Equipped with a medium broad and a super brush nib, it can be used for any purpose. The colours can be mixed on the surface or layered on top of each other. The Ciao markers are alcohol based and therefore non-toxic. They are fast drying and will not smear. They can be refilled with identical colours, thus making the Ciao Marker very economical. The coloured caps allow for exact colour identification.

For best results use with Winsor & Newton Bleedproof Marker pads.

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Set contains 1 each : E25, E40, E41, E59, E79, C0, C2, W0, W2, BG13, BG72, B000, B18, B28, B99, E000, E15, E18, YR000, YR15, Y000, Y35, YG09, YG17, G29, G82, BG000, BV000, BV25, V01, V05, RV14, RV69, R000, R14, R81