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Canson Mi-Teintes Touch Pastel Pads - 350gsm 12 Sheets


Fine sanded card for pastel & mixed media. With its finely textured micro-abrasive surface—thanks to a sand finish—Mi-Teintes® Touch is the ideal paper for working with pastels.

It retains pigments particularly well and it is easy to superimpose layers of pastel. It shows colours at their best and has excellent resistance to light and time. Mi-Teintes® Touch can also withstand wet techniques.

  • Ideal for: pastel, chalk and acrylic.
  • Also suitable for: sanguine and charcoal.
  • Texture: Sand effect
  • Weight: 350 gsm
  • Available in sizes 24x32cm and 29.7x42cm (A3)
  • Packaging: Sheets and pads
  • 10 available colours
  • FSC certification (except for sheets)
  • Colours: Cream, Grey, Sepia, Black