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SKU: MIJ-3025


Artelier Airtight Acrylic & Oil Palette

Thanks to the airtight seal around the lip of the palette, with side clips to keep it firmly shut, the Artelier Airtight Acrylic & Oil Palette can keep paint inside from drying out in between painting sessions. Oils, Acrylics and Watercolours can be kept usable for days or weeks in the best possible conditions. 

Featuring 24 individual slanted wells for paint, mediums or other additives. The lid is also a palette, with a slanted lip and central basin for more colour mixing. Its rigid plastic construction convenient design make it perfect for use in a studio or as a portable palette.

Its high quality smooth plastic allows paint to be peeled cleanly off when dry. Simply rinse the palette with soap and water after to remove any excess paint debris and you’ll be clean and ready for the next project.

25 x 35cm closed