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Isomars Pattern Curve

This all-in-one Isomars Pattern Curve is your go-to for pattern cutting, ensuring your creations are as flawless as your imagination.

Crafted from robust 3mm (1/8") thick, clear perspex with a beveled long edge, this pattern design instrument is a creative essential.

At 43 x 19cm in size, it's a versatile tool that incorporates all the functions of a grader's set square:

  • Measure and draw straight lines.
  • Measure equally on both sides of a straight line.
  • Measure curves effortlessly by selecting the right curve on the pattern ruler.
  • Shape collars, hiplines, hems, and more with its specially designed curves.
  • Easily add seam allowances to curves and straight lines.
  • Draw precise 45° lines.
  • Utilise it as a compass for flawless circles.