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ARTdiscount College T Square Detachable Acrylic


This durable T-square scale with detachable head for students and professionals has been designed with precision to give the most accurate measurements and drawings.

  • Shatter resistant
  • Stamped with imperial and metric graduations making it suitable for use in the home or office.

Comes in either 24" or 36" versions (61cm or 90cm)

The ARTdiscount ISOmars Technical drawing range.

Technical drawing or drafting is the discipline of composing drawings that visually communicate the functionality of an object or product.

Often used to portray or visualise a project at design stage and in advance of actual manufacture or build. The draftsman needs access to a wide range of tools and materials including drawing boards, technical instruments, compasses, dividers, set squares and technical pens.

Our new range offers the very best value to commercial draftsman, education and professionals at all levels.

Lower cost alternative to Liquidraw.