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Acrylics Unleashed - G. Macey

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Acrylics Unleashed by Glyn Macey

Glyn Macey’s irrepressible energy and imagination shows through in every part of his work; and in this book he shares his painting techniques and methods with you. Learn to use your acrylic paints in unusual, creative and surprising ways to create open, inviting landscapes, breathtaking seascapes and urban scenes packed with life.

If you enjoy experimentation, you'll love Macey's refreshing approach and unconventional methods. Macey conveys his techniques very clearly, and the step-by-step demonstrations provide the reader easy-to-follow guide of how to create exciting, fresh paintings that are able capture the essence of the landscape, and the people that live in it. 

Acrylics Unleashed emphasises the fun, freeing element of working with an incredibly versatile paint, whilst possessing a good underpinning of knowledge that no artist can do without.