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Acrylics Unleashed - Glyn Macey

This book is dedicated "To YOU, lovely artist" and that sums up the enthusiasm Glyn feels for his medium and what he can do with it. The title, too, perfectly conveys the no-holds-barred approach he brings to painting.

This is a book bursting with ideas. Glyn's subjects are mostly landscapes and seascapes, but he's equally at home with buildings, trees and flowers and you get the sense that he'll turn his hand to any subject - as long as it enthuses him. His working methods are relatively unconventional and he'll often use spattering and stippling to give the sense of a background or foreground rather than paint it in detail. All this gives his work a feeling of fluidity and spontaneity that, in his capable hands, always works.

This is not a book for the faint-hearted but, if you like experimenting, you'll absolutely buy into Glyn's refreshing approach and methods. For someone who apparently works straight from the top of his head, he turns out to be able to convey his methods surprisingly clearly and the step-by-step demonstrations that make up the bulk of the book are very easy to follow.

If you want to take your work to a new level, but not to follow the abstract route, Glyn is the perfect companion.