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Phoenix Acrylic Paint Set for Artists - 10 x 22mls Tubes

Acrylic Paint Set for Artists Tube Set by Phoenix

An introductory set of high quality, superb value acrylic paints perfect for students of art and experienced painters alike.

The set contains 22ml metal tubes of acrylic paint in a broad spectrum of basic colours perfect for practicing the tenants of colour mixings and general acrylic techniques. All tube labels feature permanence rating and list pigment mixes for the artist's convenience.

Perfect as a gift to get someone started with acrylic painting or add to your existing tool box to broaden you palette.

Exceptional Value - Exclusive Price

Colours include:

  1. Titanium White
  2. Lemon Yellow Hue
  3. Cadmium Yellow Deep Hue
  4. Crimson
  5. Permanent Rose
  6. Permanent Green Light
  7. Phoenix Violet
  8. Ultramarine
  9. Yellow Ochre
  10. Burnt Sienna