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Uni Posca Coloured Pencils Set of 36 Assorted Colours

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If you love POSCA paint markers, you’ll adore POSCA pencils.

POSCA pencil's smooth finish allow for a range of tried and tested drawing techniques demonstrated here: In the above video they show you how the pencils blend, stipple, cross-hatch, and outline. They also show you how they work with water and turpentine.

POSCA has expanded its range to include Posca Pencils, giving artists, illustrators and crafters more creative options and possibilities. The new POSCA PENCIL & POSCA PASTEL ranges complete the POSCA colour collection and work beautifully on a wide range of surfaces.

These pencils have the same quality you’d expect from POSCA, boasting amazing longevity, usability and naturally a fantastic colour range and coverage.

They have a unique formula and contain more oil than wax, making the colours ultra deep, punchy and vivid. Their innovative construction means the pencils are sleek and easy to use, sharpen like a dream and don't crumble or break when a heavy pressure is applied

Available in 36 stunning shades, these top quality art pencils have six levels of intensity and carry a deep, rich concentration on the page. They are adaptable too; they look great on light and dark papers and can be used with both water and turpentine to achieve a range of effects

  • Brand: Posca
  • 36 assorted colour pencils
  • Great for techniques like stippling, hatching, free shading and outlining
  • Oil based
  • Can be used with water, blending fluid and turpentine for more effects