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POSCA Markers - 2.5mm - 4 Mono Tones - PC-5M

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This set of four mono toned Posca Markers are perfect for creating striking tonal variations with black and white work, and for adding lustrous metallic highlights in gold and silver.

Uni POSCA Markers contain water-based pigment inks that produce poster-like, vibrant colours. They are lightfast and waterproof and will write on virtually any surface from glass to paper without bleed.

PC-5M pens feature a 2.5mm bullet tip, offering a versatile marker for both precise, crisp linework and for colouring.

Once dry, the opaque ink can be completely covered with a new ink application.

We recommend giving these pens a try with black paper for a look that really pops or Bristol Board for exceptionally smooth flat application. 

Colours Included: White, Gold, Black, and Silver (PC-5M 2.5mm size nib)

Posca Marker Uses Infographic.