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Derwent Paper Stumps Set of 3

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Derwent Paper Stumps are perfect for blending dusty and chalky media. If you are working with pastel, charcoal, or graphite, the paper stump makes the difficult job of blending these mediums much easier and cleaner.

Paper Stumps are perfect for accurate blending, once the stumps get dirty and the points wear down they can be easily cleaned and re-pointed using a sandpaper block.

The paper stumps are made from compressed rice paper and with a point at each end. The use of rice paper ensures that the paper stumps blend more effectively and provide an even smoother finish. The points mean the stumps can be used to tackle even the smallest area of detail.

These Derwent Paper Stumps are in a handy pack of three sizes, ranging in diameter from 5.5mm to 10.5mm.