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SKU: CSH15902


Colour Shaper Pastel Set - Size 2

The Colour Shaper Pastel Set Size 2 - For small, detailed work.

A unique assortment of pastel tools selected by professional artists. Pastel Shapers and Pastel Brushes will enable pastel artists to blend, smudge, define, and create a wide range of exciting effects. Easy to use and easy to clean.

Set contains: 

  • 1 No.2 Taper point - For fine detail 
  • 1 No.2 Flat chisel - Makes a flat even stroke of colour 
  • 1 No.2 Fan brush - Use for light blending of large areas, or to remove colour 
  • 1 No.2 Blender brush - Ideal for dabbing, rolling and rubbing colour