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Pan Pastels - Mediums

Size Guide

PanPastel Mediums are the world's first dry colour pastel mediums. They have the same characteristics as all PanPastel Colours - they are mixable, erasable, low dust, lightfast and professional artist's quality.

No preparation or drying time is required with PanPastel mediums, as neither solvents nor water is needed. PanPastel Mediums are versatile and can be use on almost any surface, making them great for mixed media work.

The Fine White Pearl Medium contains smaller particles to create a light and subtle pearl sheen. Depending on the angle it is viewed from- the soft shimmer of the fine white is multidimensional. Customize your pearlescent colours by mixing the fine white with other PanPastels to tint and add a light pearlescent sheen.

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