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Sennelier Abstract Acrylic Paint Pouches - 5 x 120ml - Primary Set

Sennelier Abstract is a new twist on heavy body acrylic. This set of paint pouches contains 5 primary colours to get a head start on painting with Abstract Acrylic.

They're highly pigmented for rich colour with superb coverage, while also offering a smooth, buttery consistency with enough body to hold brush marks and peaks, making this the perfect paint to use in the studio, out in the field or straight from the pouch in your hand.

The paint is kept safe in a sturdy, flexible, plastic pouch, which features a screw-top cap ensuring no spills and no split tubes or cracked pots if dropped or stepped on.
The clear window in the pouch makes it easy to know at a glance what colour you’ll be using, what it’ll look like before it hits the palette, and how much you have left.

Permanent and water-resistant when dry.

    Colours: Primary Red, Mars Black, Primary Blue, Primary Yellow, Titanium White