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Montana Acrylic Line 2mm Fine Markers

SKU: MON-71-323072
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The 2mm Fine Montana Acrylic Marker offers a slightly larger fibre tip than the 0.7mm version, offering a slightly larger mark while still allowing fine detailed work. The 2mm round fibre tip has a smooth, soft application that makes line work, fill-ins and controlled application easy. Available in 24 matte colours consisting of 22 Shock colours , Gravel and Iron Curtain which match the corresponding colour in the Montana Gold spray range. Can be applied to almost any surface.

Montana Markers work well on a variety of surfaces including; paper, board, canvas, sealed wood, concrete, brick, metals, plastics and glass. 

Product Details

  • Water based, UV Resistant.
  • Available in 24 Matte (Shock) Colours.
  • Tip Size: 2mm.
  • Ideal for interior use. For exterior applications, use Montana Varnish to seal and increase longevity.
  • For best results with exterior work, use Montana Universal primer to provide a solid surface preparation for markers. 
  • Also available in 0.7mm, 15mm, and 30/50mm tips.
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