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Dr. Ph. Martins Watercolour Dye (Ink) - Set A

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Fantastic concentrated watercolor dye for airbrush, brush or pen. Ideal for; Manga, Cartooning, Illustration, Anime and graphic arts in general. Use on paper, illustration board or silk with additives. Not lightfast, not waterproof.

The colours will fade from sunlight or fluorescent light (ultra-violet). Will not fade in a portfolio, or under incandescent light. Protect from fading with ultra-violet absorbing glass, plexiglass or UVA acetate.

Contents Include:

14 x 15ml Dr. Ph. Martins Radiant Watercolour Dyes

1 x Lemon Yellow

1 x Orange

1 x Persimmon

1 x Alpine Rose

1 x Scarlet

1 x Cherry Red

1 x Moss Rose

1 x Turquoise Blue

1 x True Blue

1 x Violet

1 x Grass Green

1 x Juniper Green

1 x Saddle Brown

1 x Black

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