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Vitrail Initiation Glass Paint Set 6 x 20ml

Vitrail initiation set - 6 x 20 ml: lemon, orange, crimson, sky blue, chartreuse, gold

Intense and bright, they can be used with the cerne relief to create contours. Excellent lightfastness. The colours can be mixed together. 

Based: Solvent
Finish: Transparent lacquer

Drying: away from dust, 2 hours. 10 hours. Drying times can vary depending on the thickness of the application, and the temperature and humidity of the room where the product is applied.
Can be applied on glass, polyester, acetate
Surface Covering: 45 ml ≈ 0,5 m²
Dangerous. Respect the usage precautions.

Pebeo's Vitrail colours can be applied with a brush on most carefully degreased transparent surfaces: glass, acetate, polyester, plexiglas.
After drying, the colour bear a light wash without soaking. Resistant to glass cleaner. The objects decorated with Vitrail colours should not be considered for practical usage, but only intended for decorative purposes.


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