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Maped Creativ Velvet Mosaics Pastel Colours Kit

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Maped Creativ Velvet Mosaics combines velvet-touch materials with stackable round mosaics to create magnificent 3D mandala decorations in pastel colours!

By stacking the small round adhesive mosaics on the larger ones, children can develop their precision and concentration. They will be rewarded by the creation of 3D mandalas, with a colourful and beautiful result. Once the masterpieces have been made, display them to decorate the child’s room with a nice touch of creativity. The decorated cardboard box allows you to store your creations and accessories.

This activity is mess-free as it does not require glue!

Content of the box: 4 cardboard sheets with black and velvet areas, and 12 adhesive EVA foam mosaic sheets.

Suitable for ages 7+.