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Maped Creativ Mini Box - Velvet Colouring Money Box Kit

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Let your child bring their creativity to life with this Maped Creativ Mini Box! Colour and build your own money box. Velvet texture for a neat colouring result. Easy to assemble with no glue or scissors required.

Kids will love letting their imaginations run wild when they use the six provided jungle-themed felt tip pens to decorate their own cute, personal money boxes. Kids can express their creativity and develop their fine motor skills when constructing and colouring the box as they bring the little monster money box to life!

No tools such as scissors or glue are needed when constructing the box as the template is pre-cut and each piece easily locks together, making this a great, mess-free activity for kids to enjoy.

Contents: Includes pre cut money box template and 6 jungle-themed felt tip pens. 

Suitable for ages 4+.