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SKU: D136901001


Daler-Rowney Aquafine Gouache Introduction Set - 12 x 15ml

The ideal introduction to the range, these Aquafine gouache colours are made from a selection of modern high-quality pigments milled to perfection.

This starter set offers a range of twelve colours in 15ml tubes. Often referred to as 'opaque watercolour', bridging modern and tradition, gouache is ideal for mixed media as well as traditional techniques. Gouache dries with a flat matt finish and is traditionally favoured by technical illustrators for its handling and colour strength.

For anyone beginning their career in gouache we suggest coupling this set the Goldline Studio Pad and ARTdiscount Watercolour Brush Set for an ideal starting set up.

Clean brushes with soap and water after use.

Colours included: 15ml

  • Titanium White (009)
  • Cadmium Yellow Hue (620)
  • Cadmium Red Hue (503)
  • Permanent Rose (537)
  • Portrait Pink (578)
  • Cerulean Hue (112)
  • Cobalt Blue Hue (110)
  • Ultramarine Blue Dark (123)
  • Yellow Ochre (663)
  • Burnt Sienna (221)
  • Burnt Umber (223)
  • Ivory Black (034)