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Luminance 6901® Wooden Box of 76 Colours

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Caran d'Ache Luminance 6901® Wooden Box of 76 Colours

The creaminess of a permanent lead combined with unbeatable light resistance : excellence for the most demanding artists, designers, architects, artistic directors, etc.

This beautiful wooden gift box set contains 76 Luminance 6901® colours + 4 repeat shades. (80 pencils) 2 Full Blender (Bright) and 2 Grafwood Graphite Pencils (HB and 5B)

Combine with Caran d'Ache SUPRACOLOR® Soft Aquarelle for wash drawings and watercolour effects or with PABLO® pencils for details, hatching and to colour numerous media.

Details of the Pencil:

  • Premium FSC™ certified cedar wood
  • Round body, matt casing matches the colour of the lead
  • Colour number and name indicated
  • Light resistance complies with the highest international standards for light resistance in coloured pencils (ASTM D6901)
  • Permanent, creamy lead
  • Diameter Ø 3.8 mm for clean and accurate lines
  • Maximum covering power
  • High pigment concentration for intense, bright colours

Details of the Wooden Box

  • Superior quality birch wood with a protective varnish
  • Dark mahogany colour. Gold colour silkscreen (outside and inside)
  • Golden fastenings
  • Dimensions: 38.3 x 22 x 6.1 cm
  • 3 removable trays, each containing 28 pencils with high density foam pads for optimum protection

Download colour chart here