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SKU: 6901-776


LUMINANCE 6901® - Set of 76 Colours + 2 Blenders

Caran d'Ache LUMINANCE 6901® - 76 colours, 2 Blenders in a cardboard box with 76 colours + 2 Full Blender / 6901.776

The creaminess of a permanent lead combined with unbeatable light resistance : excellence for the most demanding artists, designers, architects, artistic directors, etc. 

Available in a range of balanced colours with high pigment concentration. Recommended for mixing and shading, working blends or for shading and rubbing with the white pencil and blending fluid.

Technical description:

  • Permanent, round, coloured pencils
  • Permanent, creamy lead, 3.8 diameter, maximum covering power, high pigment concentration for intense, bright colours
  • Light resistance complies with the highest international standards for light resistance in coloured pencils : ASTM D6901
  • Round, 8 ply, matt casing matches the colour of the lead, colour number and name indicated
  • Premium FSC certified cedar wood
  • ASTM D4236 compliant