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Sylvie Maney


Sylvie Maney

About Sylvie

I moved to Norfolk from Essex one year ago with my husband to be nearer to inspiring landscapes and wildlife. I’ve been painting on and off during the past thirty five years where I taught art in my local adult education college and also teaching private classes since leaving the college.

I enjoy experimenting with different mediums and ideas and presenting my findings to my students to try out. I particularly enjoy the ways of watercolour and the exciting textures it can produce when it’s left to ‘have it’s freedom’, but I also love working with acrylics, pastels and mixed media.

I nearly always gravitate to painting/drawing animals, particularly dogs, in between landscapes and florals. I just go with where the inspiration takes me at the time.


A selection of Sylvie's work

Favourite Products

I like the range of acrylics and mediums available as well as the drawing products such as pastel, coloured and watercolour pencils.

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