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Michael Wilson


Michael Wilson

About Michael

Today I am a creative and conservation artist, who absolutely enjoys producing colourful and pleasing artworks. My aim is to brighten up and help improve the well-being of people, and inspire them to incorporate art into their lives. Creativity is part of me, which goes hand in hand with a deep respect of and interest in, our natural environment.

We are gifted by imagination, and I make great use of this before starting on new projects. I often experiment with shapes and their locations to show imagined motions. And use different tools and materials to create textures, thus giving a tactile touch to the painting surface. These tactile surfaces enable persons with limited senses to enjoy them also.

On the conservation side, my ongoing Nature’s series of paintings, asks the viewer to be aware, think, and consider the impact of our actions on this world’s environment.


A selection of Michael's work

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