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Paul Abel


Paul Abel


I am an amateur artist. I have been drawing since I was about three years old. In my youth I used to sketch a lot, mostly animals really, my neighbours pet poodle for example and I also liked sketching farmyard animals and people. My family could not always afford papers for me to sketch on so they used to let me paint with poster paint, on the lounge walls. When I was fourteen or fifteen years old, I painted a jungle scene on the lounge walls depicting a gorilla, elephants, girraffes and a two foot six high Lion.

As time went by I got interested in reading about the works of the great masters and I particularly liked the english artist, John Constable. Whereby I developed a love for oil painting and I have even emulated a number of his works, whilst learning to paint in oils. Nowadays, I like to take photographs and develop paintings from these, in oils on 20x16 canvases and on 12x10 canvas boards. Much of my work attempts to reflect themes around Isolation, loneliness, the plight of women, animals, old buildings, cityscapes, seascapes and landscape and still-life.

I have exhibited four of my paintings in an art gallery in Aldershott in 2015 but the need to work has prevented me from pursuing my love of art any further at present. However, I am seeking to have Giclee prints made of work and am hoping to find a venue to showcase all my work to date.


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