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Monica Patel


Monica Patel

About Monica

Based in South Nottinghamshire I opened up an Etsy shop to really see how it goes after a year and a half I've made some sales and the shop remains open if you take a look you will find a collection of paintings, handpainted blank art cards, seasonal work and sketches. I have recently decided to close my website and thought this a great opportunity to trial another with hope of reaching out to a wider audience.

My paintings are impressionist in style I paint how I feel and hope to capture you the viewer your memories and experiences entirely self-taught working with oils I paint still life, landscapes, seasonal and sketches the source of my inspiration comes from the natural beauty of humble objects that surround us; the artwork you see here demonstrates the range of painting techniques I have adopted.

A qualified teacher by professional I took the opportunity to paint through workshops and online courses with no clear direction I found that the techniques and skills used by many classical still life artists seemed to answer my questions about composition I started to train the eye to see in studying the elements of composition. To be able to create form from a flat surface using only shadows and light drawing the eye into and around the painting to extract meaning from it is rewarding


A selection of Monica's work

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Paul Abel
Paul Abel

September 11, 2019

I really love the way you use colour in your work and how the light and shade helps to define the stories you have captivated in your still life artworks
As a self taught artist myself working in oils I can fully appreciate the complexities involved in creating such beautiful peices. Good luck with your shop projects.


Ray Keats
Ray Keats

July 02, 2019

I like the sensitive way you use colour and your choice of still life arrangements. I hope you do well. Good luck!

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