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Lee Magowan


Lee Magowan


I’m a military veteran, recently retired. I took up art as a therapy to help me with expressing my thoughts and feelings. I like to use lots of colour and paint whatever takes my fancy!
I’m experimental and self taught, would love to establish myself as a proper artist!

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Watercolour and oil paper, brushes and varnishes.

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Peter McRae
Peter McRae

December 30, 2019

Hi Lee.

What a wonderful picture. I’m thinking that they are long eared Hares are they not. Lee have no doubt that you are a proper artist as any one who draws paints in any medium or sculptures or writes are true artists creating a work of art for people to look love and admire. Children create great artwork and old artists like me do the same. I’ve been bashing away at the canvases for over 50 years giving them to my daughters and grandchildren so keep working Lee keep painting. Well done Lee.

Kind regards
Peter McRae

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