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Kev Murphy


Having had a passion for art all my life I've been told I used to get up at 5 am to start sketching when I was an infant, drawing anything from Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure to 80's & 90's animated television series. In 2011 I graduated in a BA (hons) Illustration from there I was able to focus on my passion and develop a theme for myself as an artist. Since graduating university I have had art work shown in local exhibitions and have taken on multiple commissions which have been produced and finished in various ways. The signature Emesis Art was determined after I produced a series of Zombie illustrations that began in 2011, Rich Dead Celebrity Zombies were frequently described as sick and as emesis is the technical name for vomiting the signature was sealed from there. I like all things odd, crazy and controversial but I would say I am influenced heavily the most by films, I will work to any specification to the client regardless of my personal interested or influences.

A selection of Kev's work

Favourite Products

Products I use on a regular basis are the Montana Gold spray paints, posca pens, mostly System 3 Acrylic paints and Loxley canvases

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March 22, 2019

Hi Kev,
its true that no one size style of art fits all because there are so many captivating Genres and themes out in the world that makes it possible for all types of artists to adopt their own individual style and deliver a variety of interests. Like me, It would seem yours is no different in that respect.

what I personally like about your art particularly, is the fact that as an artist, you are able to show clearly that you can be flexible in your visual concepts of what you see as your art approach. The work that caught my attention though is the one of the old Man with grey hair and the one I think is a fairly good likeness of Frank Sinatra. I love the colours used and the impasto effect you have created.

Your other works are no doubt equally fascinating in terms of style of painting, colour etc., but which sadly can only really be appreciated by a specific market interest for those who are turned on by the Emesis aspect/genre. Great stuff nonetheless, Kev. Keep doing what you do best.


March 22, 2019

great stuff Kev!

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