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Cliff Orsi


Cliff Orsi


I am an artist in the broader sense of the word, mainly self-taught, and operating in both music and the visual arts. Within these spheres my work encompasses a wide spectrum; as a musician blending Rock, Jazz, Folk and Ambient and as a visual artist ranging from line drawings to abstracts.

Although I still produce a variety of work, my abstracts (under the generic title The Art of Abstraction) represent my most important work and the paintings are primarily concerned with the exploration of colour as form in itself (or as form in potential) Produced in series, all paintings are improvised, with only colour combination and/or background style pre-determined. 

Each work is developed gradually, with one idea suggesting the next (building layer upon layer) until a cohesive image emerges, which is as much “grown” as designed. This organic approach is crucial: each painting represents nothing but itself and is thus left open to personal interpretation, presenting a mirror for the viewer’s imagination and perceptions. Consequently, no titles are given. This avoids inhibiting the scope for interpretation, allowing one to “fill the gaps” free of influence.

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Chris Smith
Chris Smith

June 29, 2021

Hi Cliff, how the devil have you been. I’m sorry I haven’t been in touch but I don’t have any up to date contact details for you. I hope all’s going well as well as look forward to hearing from you again. Cheers Chris

Paul Abel
Paul Abel

May 22, 2019

Hey there Cliffe, love the use of colour in your art, subtle, delicate, but effective and very brave use of black. One can see also your love of musical expression in form and tone.


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