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Caroline Boff


Caroline Boff


I am Caroline Boff, a contemporary artist based in Bolton, Greater Manchester. I love the arts and have a degree in economics and sociology from Bristol University. I have lived and worked in Long Island, New York; Cairo, Egypt; and studied in Madrid, Granada, and Barcelona in Spain. I have travelled extensively, taking trips to Nepal, India, Malaysia, and Thailand, as well as exotic holidays to destinations such as the Maldives and the Caribbean. I have always been in search of some sort of paradise, and during my travels I always dreamed of painting some of the stunning things that I had seen. I live with my wonderful family and two beautiful dogs in a cottage overlooking a nature reserve.

I only paint and draw what I’m passionate about, through joy, laughter or love it has always touched my soul and my heart is always within every piece. I find producing my artwork a meditative and relaxing experience, or conversely energising and releasing. For each piece, my work can take a different amount of time. Sometimes it can take hours, and others it can take up to a month.

In general my work is large scale, in acrylic paints on canvas, in bright, vibrant colours. I have used other materials occasionally. The style of my painting varies. This has included: Pop Art | Post-Impressionism | Abstract Impressionism | Modernism | Optical Art | Abstract Expressionism


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