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Cai Burton


Cai Burton


Cai Burton is an Illustrator and Designer based in Bristol. Creativity is his passion and he's always loved drawing. To him, art has a positive effect on our lives, and it should be spread as widely as possible. Since 2014, he's been working to bring art into the lives of others in order to build a happier and healthier society. He creates striking work that makes use of a whole variety of patterns. He has a huge respect for the craft and hand draw everything he does, giving him to freedom to create something organic. A big part of the work he does is in the process, focussing on the mindfulness that comes with it. He believes that art is an inherently good thing and should be both affordable and accessible. Cai aims to integrate art into our modern lives through products, workshops and bespoke commissions. Cai's artwork incorporates patterns, nature and landmarks to create graphic line drawings.

A selection of work

Favourite Products

I love the range of posca pens that you can get on ARTdiscount! I always shop there for my mountboard to back my prints. And my favourite pens are these ones.

Facebook Videos

Bristol Balloons Timelapse Drawing
Mandala work in progress
How it's made: Zodiac cover
Turtle Fin and Shell Detail Timelapse
The Specialist Works Timelapse Drawing: Spotty TV Wall
The Specialist Works Timelapse Drawing: Spots and Triangles

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