Episode 7 - 'Creating Textures'

Our episode shows you how to create texture using non-specialist supplies such as sponges, rock salt and clingfilm.

Following on from last weeks episode, showing you Masking Techniques, our In-House artist Ellie Jakeman shows you how to create textures for your watercolour artwork. Alongside our ARTdiscount supplies, we have used items from our online collections but you may have similar items at home such as both natural and synthetic sponges, rock salt and clingfilm to create shapes such as brick,bark,sand,woodgrain.

Materials for creating textures

Sponges can feel more organic than a brush and create endless possibilities of shape and texture by building up colour and tone. Rock salt will draw up the pigment when added to a wash, lifting colour from the paper to create dappled effect, great to create brick surface and natural stone.

rock salt textures

Clingfilm is a great material, together with varying colours or tones, to create organic backgrounds or an abstract piece.

Cling Film textures


Products used in this series:

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ARTdiscount artists value brushes-Round

ARTdiscount Artists Value Brushes-Flat

ARTdiscount Bristle Brushes- Fan

ARTdiscount Watercolour Paper

ARTdiscount Masking Fluid

Jakar Artists Natural Sea Sponges

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catherine peters
catherine peters

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