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Valentine’s Day is celebrated all over the world on different days, in the U.K. we celebrate it on February 14th! It's a day to show your loved one how much you care about them. The traditional way to do this is by giving someone a gift; do art supplies usually come to mind when sending gifts? Well hopefully now they will…

 All of the suggested gifts are unisex, so they can be purchased for anyone. One of my favourite things about art is that anyone can enjoy it and everyone can become an artist. Even if your loved one isn’t the most creative person, inspire them to be! Sometimes a stunning pencil set or an array of new paint tubes is all a person needs to want to make something.

In this blog I’m going to tell you all about 5 must have art products sold at ARTdiscount, any of these would be the ideal way to show someone close to you how much you love them! As well as this I’ve put together a collection of more gift ideas on the website. Let’s do this…

1. Brusho Starter Pack - Fixed Assortment 24 Colours

Brusho is fun for anyone, when I first tried tested it I was blown away! Brusho is a form of transparent watercolour. We sell two sets and individuals; the shade range is huge. In the small drums provided, you’ll find crystalline powder. I suggest you grab a pen and push a hole through the top of the lid, this allows you to be more precise with how you pour out the product. Once you’ve placed the powder onto your chosen surface, you can start to add cold water and watch it turn into a painting medium that is renowned for its versatility. The colours can be mixed too! It’s a gift that comes with a lot of fun.

2. Polychromos Colour Pencil Set

Now this set is on the pricier side but it sure will make an impact, add a red bow to its lid to really turn it into a tearjerker. Polychromos artists' pencils are valued internationally, by professionals and semi-professionals, for their unsurpassed quality. The high quality standards of the Polychromos colored pencils shine through, whether they are used for graphics, artistic free style or for the exact rendition of plans. I only had to upload an Instagram post of an array of Polychromos shades the other day and within minutes I was met with people eagerly leaving fantastic reviews about them. They come in a gorgeous wedgewood gift case, varnished inside and out.

3. Venetian Writing Set

This is a gift for anyone who loves writing, especially Calligraphy. Evoke the Baroque period by writing whimsical love notes or secret letters with this set of writing tools. In the set you will find a spiral glass pen, one sheet of parchment paper and a bottle of sepia ink. More parchment paper is available to purchase. The see-through gift box presents it perfectly, any history buff or calligraphy enthusiast is sure to love this. Murano is world-renowned for the quality of its glass so this pen won’t disappoint. 

4. Michael Harding Handmade Oil Colour Starter Set

Don’t be thrown by the title of this product, these paints are certainly for professional artists. The quality is impeccable and artists such as Sir Howard Hodgkin and David Hockney have used them. If you know an oil paint fan, they would certainly appreciate this set to get them started using Michael Harding. Michael Harding’s Oil Paints are made by hand, using techniques which date back to the Old Masters. The reason for this painstaking process was to create colours that were true and vibrant, and paint, which was beautiful and durable. 

5. Cotman Watercolour Travel Bag

Carrying your art supplies around can be a hassle, a compact and high quality travel bag could be your new best friend. I know, it doesn't scream romance. However it would be thoughtful and would look great along side a bunch of flowers! It isn't just a bag either, it contains a good selection of high quality Cotman materials to get you ready for painting outdoors. Cotman is a Winsor & Newton brand supplying a quality product for a fantastic price. Not only will you receive 14 half pans in this travel bag, but it also comes with brushes, a pad water bottle, putty rubber, and a sketching pencil. 

Have a special day and celebrate it however you choose! Maybe you won't celebrate it at all but try and spread the love where you can. 

Lots of love,
Jessie Crook
Jessie Crook

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