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Getting ready for The Big Draw Festival 2023

by Ellie Jakeman October 19, 2023

Getting ready for The Big Draw Festival 2023

Watercolour hands, using:  Phoenix Artist Fine Watercolour Set - Half Pans  and Derwent Inktense Pencils - Assorted Metal Tins

This year's theme is ‘Drawing with Senses’ 2023

We have put this article together to celebrate the ‘Big Draw’ and to help our customers find what they need for this big event. We will list our products with easy and quick links to help you with any project you choose.

The Big Draw event is something we wholeheartedly support in terms of shared goals, ensuring that everyone has access to the materials and equipment needed to develop an artist’s individual visual language and visual literacy. All artists of all ages!

At ARTdiscount we believe in providing our customers with the right materials and right equipment that will enable the best version of an aspiring artist to take flight! 

We aim to facilitate the needs of all artists, hobbyists, professionals and improvers, by providing the best products at the best prices! We encourage you to embrace your creativity and draw like no one is watching! 

What is the Big Draw Festival 2023?

“Founded in 2000 by the Guild of St George, The Big Draw is a pioneering visual literacy charity dedicated to raising the profile of drawing as a tool for wellbeing, thought, creativity, social and cultural engagement. The charity leads a diverse programme of advocacy, empowerment and engagement, and is the founder and driving force behind The Big Draw Festival – the world’s biggest celebration of drawing.” 

The Big Draw Charity - Charity no. 1114811

The Big Draw is a worldwide art initiative that celebrates the universal act of drawing. It aims to bring people of all ages, backgrounds, and abilities together to unleash their creativity and explore the joys of making marks on paper. The event takes place annually, encouraging participants to pick up pencils, pens, and other drawing tools to express themselves through art.

The Big Draw is not just about traditional drawing; it embraces a wide range of artistic forms, from sketching and doodling to digital art and 3D creations. It seeks to break down barriers to creativity and foster a sense of community through art. Workshops, exhibitions, and events are organised globally, inspiring individuals to connect with their inner artist and engage in artistic exploration.

This initiative is not limited to artists and professional creators; it's open to everyone, making art accessible to people who might not otherwise consider themselves artists. The Big Draw celebrates the idea that drawing is a fundamental way to communicate, think, and express ideas.

Ultimately, The Big Draw encourages us to embrace our imagination and celebrate the simple act of drawing as a powerful tool for self-expression and connection with others on a global scale.

Where can I find an event near me?

The Festival is made up of a collection of thousands of creative events, activities, and workshops across the globe run by organisations big and small; from individuals to entire cities! Find an event near you? Just click on here, UK Events and include your postcode.  

The Big Draw Festival takes place in over  25 countries worldwide. Whilst most Big Draw Organisers host their events during the main festival in September and October, Big Draw events take place throughout the year.

‘Drawing with Senses’

The theme, Drawing with Senses, is a call back to our sense of self and what we experience in the moment. By reconnecting with our senses and self, our perspective and perception can find a place where things can start to feel less threatening and can start to feel more positive. The theme, Drawing with Senses, is an opportunity to slow down our daily pace, take a moment and reconnect with ourselves through art and drawing. The Big Draw believes that everyone can draw! This year, The Big Draw invites you to rediscover your senses and explore what this looks like for you. The theme allows for a variety of creative exploration. 

There are five basic senses we are all familiar with: Touch, Sight, Sound, Taste, Smell. In addition to these, there are other senses to consider: subtle senses, which have a different physiology. Some are receptive to energetic information from our environments such as ‘extra sensory perception’, or an inner knowing. 

Themes that revolve around reflection and self-expression could lead you to create art that is deeply personal and introspective. This might include self-portraits, abstract pieces that represent your emotions, or artworks that reflect your journey and experiences.

Remember that the key is to interpret the theme in a way that resonates with you and allows you to express your unique perspective. Whether you choose traditional drawing, painting, digital art, sculpture, or any other medium, The Big Draw is all about embracing creativity and sharing your artistic voice with the world.

The theme, Drawing with Senses, is an opportunity to slow down our daily pace, take a moment and reconnect with ourselves through art and drawing. 

This year, The Big Draw invites you to rediscover your senses and explore what this looks like for you. The theme allows for a variety of creative exploration. 

Products to help you find your creative self!

Surface, substrate, base, foundation 
Papers - Watercolour  
  1. ARTdiscount 350gsm Watercolour Paper Packs - 10 Sheets Per Pack
  2. Fabriano Watercolour Paper Pack - Cold Pressed/Not - 280gsm - 15" x 11"
  3. Bockingford Watercolour Paper Roll - (300gsm) - (60 Inches x 11 yards) - (NOT surface)

Mixed Media paper
  1. Seawhite Mixed Media Artboards - 10 Sheets
  2. Seawhite All-Media Cartridge Rolls - 63cm x 10 metres
  3. Frisk Black Mixed Media Paper Pad 250gsm 30 Sheets

Drawing Paper  
  1. ARTdiscount 140gsm Cartridge Paper Pack A1 - 25 Sheets
  2. ARTdiscount 100gsm All Media Cartridge Paper - Packs of 250 sheets
  3. Fabriano Accademia Cartridge PAPER ROLL


Canvas all shapes and sizes
  1. NEW ARTdiscount Premium STANDARD PROFILE Stretched Canvases 420gsm - Multi-Packs
  2. Pintura Gallery 45 Range of Professional Artists Canvas
  3. Docrafts Artiste Stretched Hexagon Canvas 40cm - 380gsm - Pack of 2
  4. Daler-Rowney FW Mixed Media Rigid Canvas (Multi-Packs)
  5. ARTdiscount Watercolour Canvas Panels 250gsm (Multi-Packs)
  6. ARTdiscount Stretched Round Canvas 350gsm (Multi-Packs)

  1. ARTdiscount Case-Bound Hardback Sketchbook - 140gsm
  2. ARTdiscount Wire-o Bound Hardback Sketchbook - 50 Sheets
  3. Seawhite Euro Drawing Board Covers Sketch Book
  4. Seawhite Watercolour Hard Backed Book- 350gsm- A4 Landscape
  5. Seawhite Case-Bound Hardback Sketchbook 140gsm - LANDSCAPE
  6. Frisk Greyboard Spiral Cartridge Book 220gsm 30 Sheets

Watercolour and canvas board
  1. Seawhite Bristol Board Pad 240gsm 20 Sheets
  2. Winsor & Newton Bristol Board - 250gsm
  3. ARTdiscount Watercolour Canvas Panels 250gsm (Multi-Packs)
  4. ARTdiscount Economy Canvas Boards (Multi-Packs)
  5. Clairefontaine Natural Canvas Board with Transparent Coating - Packs of 2

Mark making tools

Derwent Graphic Pencils 24 Tin onSeawhite Case-Bound Hardback Sketchbook 140gsm - LANDSCAPE.

  1. Winsor & Newton Studio Collection Sketching pencils - Set of 5
  2. Staedtler Sketching Set - 12 Piece
  3. Royal & Langnickel Essentials Sketch Box Set
  4. Derwent Academy Sketching Set
  5. Lyra Rembrandt Graphite Pencils Set and Accessories
  6. Winsor & Newton Studio Collection Medium Graphite Pencil x12
  7. Derwent Graphic Pencils 24 Tin
  8. Derwent Graphic Hard Sketching Pencils - Set of 12
Coloured Pencils
  1. Derwent Coloursoft Wooden Box Set 72 - FREE Derwent Academy Sketching Set RRP £16.99
  2. Derwent Inktense Pencils - Assorted Metal Tins
  3. Derwent Academy Wooden Box Set of Coloured Pencils
  4. Lyra Graduate Coloured Pencil Set of 24
  5. Caran d'Ache LUMINANCE 6901® Boxes of Assorted Colours
  6. Uni Posca Coloured Assorted Pencils

Frisk Metallic Brush Pen Set of 10 - 1mm

  2. Frisk Art Markers - Set of 24 Colours
  3. Staedtler Pigment Arts Multi Ink Brush Pens - Basic Colours - Set of 24
  4. Frisk Metallic Markers Set of 10 - 2mm
  5. COPIC Ciao Marker Set of 12 Basic Colours
  7. Frisk Metallic Brush Pen Set of 10 - 1mm

Frisk Metallic Brush Pen Set of 10 - 1mm  on  Frisk Black Mixed Media Paper Pad 250gsm 30 Sheets.

Paint the Rainbow

Acrylic paints 
  3. Daler-Rowney Graduate Acrylic Selection Set - 10 x 38ml Tubes
  4. Amsterdam Acrylic Paint General Selection Set 24 x 20ml
  5. Liquitex BASICS Acrylic Paint Tubes Set of 24
  6. Phoenix Acrylic Paint Set for Artists - 10 x 22mls Tubes

Watercolour and Gouache paint
  1. Phoenix Artist Fine Watercolour Set - Half Pans
  2. Winsor & Newton Cotman Sketchers' Pocket Set
  3. Winsor & Newton Cotman Brush Pen Set
  4. Daler-Rowney Simply Gouache 12 Tube Set
  5. Winsor & Newton Designer Gouache Introductory Set
  6. Derwent Academy Watercolour Paint Set 12 x 12ml

  1. PIÑATA ALCOHOL INK - 4 FL OZ (118.29ML)
  3. Winsor & Newton Drawing Inks - The Henry Set
  5. Dr. Ph. Martin's Watercolour Dye - Set B


Blogs to inspire your senses!

  • Let's thINK INK!
  • Colouring the Nation with Coloured INKS!
  • Think BIG, think XL! Introducing Derwent XL Blocks!
  • A beginners guide to using Derwent Graphite, Charcoal and Sketching pencils.
  • The Derwent Inktense Collection
  • The Derwent Colour Family continued: Derwent Artists Pencil
  • Famous Sketchbooks
  • Sketchbooks Part 2 - What Sketchbook should I buy?
  • What are Copic Ciao Markers?
  • Acrylic painting for beginners - a guide.

  • The Big Draw fosters creativity and community engagement, allowing individuals of all ages and backgrounds to explore the world of art. 

    We all hope here at ARTdiscount that our products will provide you with the necessary tools and materials to bring your creative visions to life.

    By combining the inspiring platform of ‘The Big Draw’ with the high-quality resources from ARTdiscount, you not only support your own artistic endeavours but also contribute to a vibrant global artistic community. 

    So, why wait? Embrace the power of art, unleash your imagination, and let ARTdiscount products be your trusted companion on your artistic journey.

    Ellie Jakeman
    Ellie Jakeman

    I have had a strong interest in the visual and creative arts since a very early age. After completing an Art and Design Degree and Post graduate studies I have taught Art and Design, Fashion and Textiles, Textile design , Fine Art print and Illustration for over 20 years. Before teaching I was a freelance artist and illustrator and decided 4 years ago I would return to freelance and commissioned work. I have created many domestic and commercial murals for hospitals and hospices. I work part time for ARTdiscount as a content creator and product tester.

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