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Frisk Art Markers - Set of 24 Colours

This Set of Frisk Art Markers contains 24 alcohol-based ink, blendable, Double-Ended marker pens. They feature both bullet and chisel nibs, making them incredibly versatile for colouring both large spaces and enhancing detail. 

Ergonomic design with hard-wearing nibs that support performance, whilst offering versatility with their smooth colour mixing properties. Colours can be blended, also layered when dry and are non-smudging.

Ideal for layering, blending and creating textures when drawing, sketching, lettering, cartooning and perfect for manga art.

Great for use on surfaces like bleedproof marker paper and bristol board. Ensure your cap is on tight to negate your pen/nib from drying out.

Empowering & inspiring all artists to create.